NT Terms and Philosophy

Our Mission Statement
To make weddings fun again! Accommodate our clients needs and help them with anything they need, anytime.

NT Philosophy and Guidelines.
• All positions are 1099 contract only.

• You must complete a Non-Compete, an NDA, a W-9, and a Contract.

• You may not work for or with any other Wedding Photography Companies, including your own. You may do other types of photography during the week, but all weddings must be booked through New Traditions.

• All marketing materials, emails and any information supplied to you remain property of New Traditions at all times and may not be shared, disclosed to anyone else or used for personal use.

• You may be granted access to Google Pages, Facebook and other networks. You must keep a professional approach to posting information. Information and comments must remain appropriate and professional at all times.

• Any collection of payments, must be processed through New Traditions. If it is not, it will be considered steeling and may be reported to the authorities.

• Contractor is to be on time to every event allowing time to setup, make un-expected changes and trouble shoot potential equipment problems.

• Alcohol or other recreational drugs will not be consumed during contracted hours or in a time period around performance time that may impair any abilities.

• Must have a backup plan and a substitute to fill in for you, in case of emergencies.

• New Traditions will not be responsible for injuries, workers compensation or Medical expenses incurred by its contractors at any event or at anytime. Health benefits will not be provided by DDLC, LLC, contractor is responsible for their own safety, workers compensation, insurance, medical expenses and benefits. Other benefits, such as gratuity, and rewards may be provided for excellent service. Gratuities (tips) provided by clients will be rewarded to the contractor in full or split among contractors involved with the event.

• Payment in full will be provided to you at the completion of the event, when all Edited Photos are Delivered to New Traditions.

Professional Photographer
Fun & Friendly Customer Service
FREE Online Planner
Unlimited Communication
Professional Equipment
Professional Editing
Creative, Flexible, & Artistic
Photo Files via Download or USB
Photo Release
All Day Coverage (up to 10 hours)
Up to 2 Locations
Second Shooter

• Customer Service is #1

• Everyone wins a FREE engagement Session

• Edited Photos must be delivered within 2 weeks after each event.

• We want fun, easy going, joking and smiling.

• Help the shy or quiet (usually men) open up. Get them to look at each other and if the bride is smiling the groom will too.

• Let the client talk and ask them what they want so they don’t say afterwards, “I wish they wouldn’t done _____”

• Help them with poses (chin up back straight)

• Clients are told to relax and be themselves

• We want to know if the client is self conscience about anything when it comes to getting photos taken so we can make them comfortable about it and make a point to make them look and feel good about it.

• In relation to the last bullet, Implement Skinny Arm, Good Posture and incorporate showing their passion for each other.

• Treat the client like family and friends.

• We mention being able to offer different styes and explain that a lot of styles can me obtained in the editing process. (for example, if a client likes the sepia or rustic look, we could easily apply a filter and automate in photoshop to create this look for them.

• If you camera doesn’t have 2 SD slots, one for backup, switch cards often in case one fails.

• We focus on not missing moments.

• We don’t offer prints - we focus on photos, editing. We give them the rights.

• The clients are paying for:  Knowledge - Experience - Customer Service and Help Planning at anytime - Professional Editing - Backup Equipment - Professionalism - High Quality Work You Can Cherish Forever

• It is up the client how they want us to dress.

• We can post on social media and use pics for promoting on the website, but we cannot sell them or use them anywhere else.

• Bring your sense of humor and your smile at all times. It doesn't matter what you are feeling, or the mood you are in, you MUST put on your acting gloves and make it fun and be happy. The bride and groom will feed of of you. If you are not 100% focused on customer service and having fun, you will not survive as a PRO.