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My husband and I hired this company for our September wedding and upon hiring them was surprised with how friendly Dave was in the process of getting the first initial plans going but was unsure of what to expect because we hadn’t met either the DJ we hired or the photographer. Dave chose Scott as a DJ for us and Jacob as a photographer and I can honestly say we were beyond happy and satisfied with the work that both of them put in to make our wedding day smooth and fun! Our photographer brought along a trainee who did a great job! He definitely exceeded my expectations and then some! He even stayed a little later than planned to photograph some of our late night shenanigans! Our DJ Scott was great about coordinating with me and playing all the music that I had desired as well as helping keep us on track with things like grand march, speeches, and first dances. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone, not to mention they were extremely reasonable compared to many other companies I had contacted! Thank you to all of you for your wonderful work!
- Lauren McGaffey

We had an outdoor wedding, and reception in a tent in Alexandria, MN. We found Dave on the internet when planning and gave him a call. After talking with him he seemed like a good fit so we sent him our PayPal deposit (very convenient) right away. Dave was very professional, answered all of our questions, and even made a special trip to Alexandria a month before the wedding in order to go over a few things, as well as evaluate the electrical capabilities of where the reception was being held since this was the first wedding ever had there. This was a huge help and stress reliever. He answered all of our questions, and they were able to accommodate all of our requests, including providing a microphone and music for the actual ceremony as well as the reception.

After the ceremony, he had to move all of his equipment from the ceremony up to the reception site in order to play some background music for the cocktail hour. We didn't even notice him moving his stuff, and he was playing music again faster than we could have hoped.

We had originally planned to announce the grand march ourselves, but changed last minute (literally, maybe 5 minutes before) and decided to have Dave announce. We also changed our fist wedding party dance song last minute as well. Dave was great with all the last minute changes and it was just a huge relief that he was willing to do whatever he needed and could to help our day be perfect.

Song selection at the reception was awesome. We had multiple compliments that they played such a great variety of music, and Dave did an awesome job keeping people on the dance floor. It was packed all night. Apparently someone at our reception made a list of almost 20 songs that were all one genre, and Dave had noticed that whenever songs similar to ones on the list were played, everyone seemed to leave the dance floor. He approached us and suggested that he maybe mix in a few here and there rather than playing them all, so we definitely appreciated him paying attention to what was working and what wasn't, rather than just hanging out and not caring how much fun everyone was having.

Dave had to leave (he told us well before the wedding day) about halfway through the dance for a personal commitment, and the person who came and replaced him (Andru) from did just as awesome of a job, and was willing to stand on a table at the end of the night and take a picture of everyone who stuck it out the whole time.

For such a random discovery, we just googled DJ's in MN, we couldn't be happier. Dave was a huge help with everything, did everything we asked, and just did an all around fantastic job. My bride and I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND using them to any/everyone that we can. Great Job all around.

- Nate + Ellen -

"Dave provided DJ services for my wedding and did a wonderful job. He was professional every step of the way and took our musical suggestions prior to the event, but he also had a wonderful read on the crowd and made adjustments accordingly to keep the party going smoothly. If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing. Dave was great!"
- Jason

"Dave was just awesome, he went above and beyond his duties to make my wedding the most memorable. Words cannot express my gratitude."
- Jamie & Noel -

"Dave was so easy and fun to work with. He did everything asked and adjusted to all our wants and needs for the various music played. We had a blast and we never left the dance floor the entire night. He was entertaining and flexible and played well to the older generation and kids alike. We would highly recommend Dave to any potential clients."
- Sonja & John -

Dave you were amazing! even though I have known you for years thank you so much for everything you did at our wedding! Everyone had such a great time! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
- Anonymous -

We wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the crew, and owner Dave Ley who was our wedding reception DJ! The first thing that jumped out to us about Dave was the fact that his ultimate goal truly is customer satisfaction, and he will do whatever it takes to accommodate you on your special day. He was extremely friendly, professional. Also, he was very easy to reach at any hour and exceedingly supportive throughout the entire planning process, which ultimately paid off with an unforgettable reception dance that people are still complimenting us on! Dave gave his suggestive expertise in regards to his DJ'ing knowledge and craft along the way when we requested, but most importantly listened to us in regards to our vision of the big day and he delivered in a way that far surpassed our expectations! He had the dance floor filled throughout the night, with a mastered approach that kept everyone excited to move to the rhythm, and musical selection knowledge that kept the energy level on the dance floor high at all times. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for an UNFORGETTABLE wedding night! Not only because of his flawless expertise, but also because of his genuine, down to Earth approach leading you to the big day that YOU envision!!
- Ben Bouta -

Dave did our wedding back in August and was literally the best DJ I've ever seen/heard! He was in constant contact with me, played music that made sense, was flexible, and extremely professional. I still am getting phone calls about how awesome that night was and I attribute a lot of it to him. I'm totally recommend you to all of my friends, they're idiots if they don't listen to me. Thank you thank you thank you!
- Jeannette -

Amazed on how Dave (The Owner) worked with us to make sure that they were able to provide exactly what we wanted and then they delivered it. Impressed and very happy that we had them as a DJ. We had a great wedding dance and that was thanks to you! What could they improve on?: I have no suggestions! The entire process was great. We felt comfortable with Dave right from the start. I walked into another DJ interview after Dave's knowing that it was a waste of time because we liked Dave so much! Very personable. I cannot express how happy we were to have booked this company to be our wedding DJ and the Photo Booth was amazing! It was a huge hit! The quality of the pictures were great and it was awesome that someone was in there taking the pictures, it wasn't some tiny photo booth. Suzy did a great job with the photography and Scott did a great job DJ'ing! KUDOS and THANK YOU!
- Rob & Jodie -

We booked photography and DJ for our wedding, and also added in the photo booth as part of our package. All three were exactly as expected, was nice to have them combined as it made planning and coordinating everything easier. I like the fact that the photographs are all ours to do what we want with them, this made everything more cost effective and also made it easier to share our pictures with friends and family. I was hesitant to do the photo booth at first but I am glad that we did, everyone had a lot of fun with it. Dave had a lot of good suggestions ahead of time and was well prepared as well as flexible with any last minute ideas we had, you can tell he has a lot of experience with weddings.
- Martin and Nicolle -

I planned my entire wedding and booked different companies 100% based on reviews from other people so I feel I need to write a review based on our experience to help other people planning! From the moment I contacted Dave everything was EASY. A quick easy LOW down payment to save your date was all they needed which made me feel comfortable in case we hit any bumps and wanted to change companies I didn't feel I was out a bunch of money. Fortunately after booking my day the thought of changing companies never crossed my mind. Also, only compared to one other company who also had very good reviews- the price point was much more reasonable! I filled out an online planner that covered every detail! I ended up changing things multiple times but it was never an issue for Dave. Every time I messaged him he responded FAST and was friendly. We even changed our first dance song just days before the wedding, and again, it was no problem for them! It definitely helps when you're in crazy bride mode trying to make sure everything is in line to have a company respond fast and take care of things for you. We got set up with DJ BOB. Now as most people can agree a DJ can literally make or break your night! HE MADE THE NIGHT! He was dressed nice, personality was great- so funny and friendly! He really listened, walked around and talked to guest and made sure the night went PERFECTLY. I literally can't say enough good things. I HIGHLY recommended this company and DJ BOB!
- Emily Page VanTol -

Kitty and I were very pleased with the way our wedding turned out. Dave really went above and beyond our expectations, and because of him, the wedding was a total success. Our DJ canceled a couple of days before the wedding, via text, and Dave was able to take care of it without a hitch. We had so many compliments on the food, service, and the venue itself, that we have and will continue to recommend Dave to everyone we know. Thanks again for making our day so special, Rus & Kitty Lehman
- Russell C. Lehman -